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How can I use COLAB?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

You’ve seen our Vero Beach COLAB, perhaps.

Maybe you came across our Facebook/Instagram page or website, and still aren’t sure what exactly COLAB is or does?

COLAB is a coworking space.

There. Enough said, right?


Firstly, a coworking is a shared workspace. What separates a coworking from other popular flexible work space solutions in the market today, is the on staff team and community building elements which add value to its coworking. The result of this added value is that all the people who are in it, grow professionally.

Enter, COLAB.

We are the premiere coworking in Vero Beach. Actually, the only community centered work space in town. Conceptualized as the place where people will fall in love with their work life again. Not only work, but thrive. We provide all your work essentials: desk, internet, meeting rooms, printer, and coffee. Then, we also add in a rocking community of support.

“That’s great, but I just need a desk or occasional meeting room.”

No problemo. We’ve got you covered. Working solo is how many entrepreneurs get their business up and running and we won’t interrupt, when you're in the zone. We’ll just hang out by the Nespresso machine and maybe catch up there!

COLAB is your place to be wildly productive; not just get work done.

COLAB is the perfect place to hold your next business meeting.

COLAB is the place to land that business deal.

COLAB is the place to host the workshop you’ve been thinking about. You know…the one!

COLAB is the location of your next business training you want to offer your employees to take them to their next level.

COLAB is the spot for your next POP up store.

I think you get the idea. There is so much that COLAB can be and do for you.

Have an idea of how we can help you and your business? Don’t be shy, let’s connect ; we’re excited to be of service to you! - THE TEAM AT COLAB

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