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“What if this is actually the season you needed all along? The season for growth, for a shift, for a change. What if this is the season that pushes you to get to the next level?"

There's no doubt that change can be painful, and an evolving learning process. In this season, I think we can all agree that we have all been forced to learn something unexpectedly, and/or shift in a way. We've really been thinking about this for the last few weeks... Why is it so painful when we enter new uncharted territory? Is it because we didn't have the time to transition, and essentially just got thrown into a situation we didn't ask for? Didn't plan for? Is it the resources, or tools, that we didn't have readily available? Is it the lack of confidence or the amount of unknowns, or perhaps a mix or both? What makes going into a new season you're unfamiliar with so difficult?

One of the things we've heard repeatedly over the last few weeks as concerns over covid19 continued to rise, was that there was no back up plan. For some it was financial related, and for many it was systems that weren't put in place for a crisis.

Although this season for many has gotten a rep of being "unprecendented", we actually believe that in a way we've all dealt with seasons of crisis like this before, one way or another.

A crisis can come in many different forms. Broadly speaking, a crisis can typically be defined in two ways: The first, as a time when an intense difficulty, trouble, or danger is met and a difficult or important decision must be made; and the second when there lacks a meaning of one's purpose. A crisis can be seen like the one we are seeing globally with the current pandemic of the coronavirus. It also can be seen when we go through different difficult seasons; Like when we lost someone we loved, or when we entered parenthood, or even when we lost a job we weren't anticipating. A crisis can also be after ending long term relationships, both personal and in business. It can be weather related, like going through hurricanes or tornados. A crisis can also be a combination of all of those, happening at once. A crisis is basically anything that shakes up your current situation and throws you into the unknown. And when we go through a crisis alone, without any guidance or support, it can often feel as if the world is crashing down on us.

Shift, pivot, grow.

Although change is inevitable , when we are not prepared for it, we almost immediately feel the effects from the change without the ability to have thought ahead of what would be next. During a season of change, or crisis, giving yourself the space to identify what is important is a good starting point. Remember why you started. What is it that is important about the work that you are doing? What is the driving factor? What one thing (or things) can you still hold onto that will help you to continue to move forward? Once you have identified those, make a list of how you can improve what you've got. Your why is your main ingredient, the bits you add in along the way are the little magic spices that help season and spice up your why. Focusing on your driving factor will help you grow in this season. Surround yourself with others that are willing to grow and learn alongside you. Be vulnerable and share your story. In doing so, you'll find community and others to support along the way.

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