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COLAB Ambassador Perks

• Featured on COLAB Website + Virtual Platform
• Get in on the ground floor
• Network with professionals and cultivate business relationships
• Use the COLAB Virtual Platform to host your own workshops/lives through COLAB virtual
• Free access to COLAB Virtual + Opportunities within COLAB Membership


COLAB Ambassador Commitment

• Positively and actively promote COLAB + COLAB Virtual
• Refer friends, colleagues, other professionals
• Host your own workshops / virtual events
• Connect and Interact with COLAB Virtual Members
• Share COLAB events + Workshops on social media 


What is the COLAB Ambassador Program?

A group of professionals that have unique skillsets and knowledge they want to share with others. The COLAB Ambassador program provides a launchpad for professionals + entrepreneurs to develop and fine tune their leadership abilities, while cultivating business connections.

Want to be a COLAB Ambassador?

Ready to join our COLAB Ambassador Program?
Fill out this form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon!

Know of someone that would make a great COLAB Ambassador? Send them to this page!

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