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Jerusha Stewart, Founder of VBWFF

Hawaiian powerhouse, Jerusha brings a massive amount of skill and innovation to put your passion into action. She is a master in reinvention, leader, and believes in unlimited possibility. She believes anyone can be unstoppable and strives to help artists and professionals to tell their story.

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Mabel Ortiz, Owner of Unlimited Harmonies

Puerto Rican native, with a deep love for music and healing, Mabel brings effective ways to incorporate music into everyday life. As a Board Certified Music Therapist, MM, MT-BC , Mabel teaches ways to build resilience, self compassion, and use expressive tools to face adversity and cope through creative outlets.

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Wendy Conrad, Owner of Your Happy Workplace
Amber Batchelor, Consultant + Professional

Work culture developer, and happy workplace rockstar, Wendy helps small businesses increase their profit margins using the science and power of happiness and fulfillment. She helps create better work environments that engage employees results in lower turnover rates and boosts profitability. 

upholds authentic culture and organization values while utilizing my superior research, analytical, organizational, and leadership skills to enhance my commitment to the best performance, productivity, and reliability of people, products, and services that produce results.

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Kasey Shaw, Owner of Oil Zest

As a creative essential oil guru, Kasey teaches and empowers others to leverage the use of essential oils

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